There are three major reasons for cleaning your masonry work

      1. They are new and have a light Haze known as efflorescence       2. They are old and have years of natural dirt and grime                   3. Somebody did something a little bit clumsy and now there is           a stain that is driving you up a wall.

We can help you out with a selection of cleaning products that will wash all your irritating problems away.


We know that someone on T.V. said that your pavers will "Look like new Forever". However, lets be honest. That's impossible!

The good news is..... We have sealers that will move you in the right direction to achieve your "New Look" for the years ahead.       Come in or call us for an expert opinion on how to either Preserve the new Pavers that have been recently installed or how to Rejuvenate the pavers you put in Years Ago and now are a little worse for wear.