The products listed below are sold on a Typical Clearance Basis. In other words they are ALL FINAL SALE.

Our Clearance Products are like buying anything else on Clearance. You WILL get a great deal BUT YOU CAN'T BE PICKY! Sort of like buying a winter coat in June. 


CST Ridgestone

This paver is DISCONTINUED by manufacturer. We have a total of 46 + Pallets in 3 Different sizes and 3 Different colors. Total coverage for the entire lot is approx. 4500 SqFt. Each pallet covers approx. 100 SqFt. We are selling at $175 per pallet. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!

Liberty 6" & 8" Wall

This item is DISCONTINUED in the Hazelnut color. We have a limited stock left over so Grab 'em while you can. We are selling at $5.50 each on the 8's and $4.00 each on the 6's.


Matted Flagstone

This Product is DISCONTINUED by Stevens Stone & Brick. We have 30 + mats. Each mat covers 5.5 SqFt. The color is a crowd pleasing blue/green. This product is only 5/8" thick so you can put it in low clearance applications. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Snap 'em up at $15 PER MAT !!!!

$100 Pallets

If you have a small job (100-200 Sqft) and you are FLEXIBLE then we have the perfect solution. Pallets of pavers from $100 each are in ample supply. The Variety of shapes and sizes and colors available may surprise you!!!


Bullnose Bullnose Bullnose!

We have LOADS of OVERSTOCKED & DISCONTINUED Bullnose. Colors and sizes a Plenty. If you need to do a Pool Coping or a set of Stairs or a Wall Cap or creatively used as a pretty Rich Looking Landscape Edging. We Have You COVERED... CHEAP! $.50 to $1.00 each!

Bluestone Pool Coping

We have This great coping in stock. A "Straight out of th Hamptons" look can be yours at a seriously discounted Price. Original Price for entire coping $8300.00 We're letting it go for $4995.00. A must see!!!