Only Found at Stevens!!!!

This is a true Innovation in outdoor living!!!

Everyone Loves sitting around a fire, but most are not too happy when their clothes and hair smell like Campfire and their eyes are irritated and everyone is getting chased around by the blowing smoke plume!

Enter the Zentro Smokeless Firepit. This little gem can be added to an existing firepit, or if you are building new, you can drop this baby in and enjoy the Fire without the Smoke!!!

Interested in how it works?

We'll try to "Dumb Down" the physics for you---- You see.... This insert has a bottom and a double wall and an elevated top flange. Once you light the fire the convection gets going. Cool air enters under the top flange and slides down the outside of the insert and gets sucked in by some Really Cleverly placed holes in the base of the insert. The heat from the fire speeds up the air and makes it Oxygen Rich. The air then rushes up the inner wall of the Insert and Shoots out of some Super Cleverly placed holes on the inner rim of the unit and Poof!!!!! The smoke is burnt off before it gets in your eyes. No Gas, No Fan, No Electric!!!! If that doesn't explain it..... Then just take our word for it. IT WORKS!!!!

VIDEO: How this Baby Works!!!!