Attention: Our  Kiln Dried Silver Birch BIG Crates are IN STOCK! We are ready to deliver. We also have plenty of our standard 1/3 cord pallets on hand. If you wish to Order a BIG crate we can do that now and Deliver as soon as TODAY!!

We have made a great product even better!!! Many of our repeat customers have been more than happy with our Kiln Dried Firewood pallets so far. YES we are bringing SUPER PREMIUM back for all our New and Returning customers. What is it? Overstuffed wooden crates of Stove Cut Silver Birch or Stove cut Ash!!!! This stuff is the Creme De La Creme!!! The crates are pretty big. If you are familiar with our 1/3 cord pallets, These are bigger, at least TWICE THE SIZE. The crates contain approximately 3/4 cord. The price is $499.00. Money well spent!! Believe it!! See It Below…

p.s. if you want this awesome product but don't want to go for the BIG CRATE, just ask and we'll prepare a 1/3 cord pallet for you. priced at $199.00 



“Why should I pay for a firewood that costs at least twice as much as what I can buy from a local “seasoned” firewood supplier”? The answer is simple…. You will burn half as much wood to achieve the same level of comfort !! Let us explain… Seasoned Firewood is never as dry as a Kiln Dried Product. Seasoned fire wood is typically holding  30 to 50% moisture. This water needs to be evaporated before the wood can achieve its total burning potential. Basically you burning off water (You know that sizzling sound!) to make heat, and the efficiency is cut down as much as 50%. A superior solution is Kiln Dried Fire Wood. With a moisture content of 20% or less.  When you are burning wood , you are burning WOOD! Now that’s the Idea, isn’t it?!


       Another valuable feature of Stevens Kiln Dried Firewood is where it is sourced. We source this firewood in the PREMIUM SPECIES HARDWOOD RICH North Central Pennsylvania. You will find Desireable HICKORY, BEECH, MAPLE, BIRCH, and others in the mix !!! And now we have Silver Birch and Ash all the way from LITHUANIA!!!! Sounds Crazy, we know. But when you want the best you GO GET IT !!!  What all of this means is …. With the same Yearly Cost as local seasoned wood you will do Half the Work!  

     So order now and stop fighting with your Messy, Buggy, Wet wood and start spending time enjoying your stove or fireplace with Clean, Dry Kiln Dried Fire Wood  “Burn The Best”  Oh… and another thing. We deliver with FORKLIFTS! Usually on the same day. Oh…and When you order a pallet of wood, you get a “PALLET OF WOOD!” Not a pile in the street or driveway. A tidy shrink wrapped cube of dry Firewood! Who’s better than us!? Join our long list of repeat customers and ORDER TODAY!!!


        Kiln Dried Silver Birch        

'Magic Logs' BIG Crate

Bag of Kiln Dried Kindling

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Small Bag Kiln Dried Ash 10″ Cut

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Stevens Original 1/3 Cord 16″-17″ Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwoods – $180.00