The creamy richness of travertine, the porous decorative stone that was used as a building material as long ago as the rise of Western civilization in ancient Greece, can lend some of the traditions of classical appeal to your interior or exterior space, whether in a residential setting or commercial application. For your own imperial tastes, travertine may be the natural stone tile for you….

In addition to marble, slate, and granite, travertine has long been a popular material for stone tile flooring. It even has a rich history that runs parallel to the development of Western civilization itself. Travertine is a type of limestone composed of a material called of calcium carbonate which is produced from deposits built up over time from rivers, springs, and other subterranean water sources. The resultant stone is a smooth, porous, naturally decorative material which offers a soft cream hue, an overall old-world beauty, and a dense and durable surface. Travertine is most commonly used for building materials in Italy, and rich deposits of travertine are also common to Turkey and surrounding regions.